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What We Do

You had an idea about what your life would be like

and now you are struggling. 

1- We teach powerful thinking that leads to powerful action.

2- We teach self care that leads to even better parenting and child outcomes.

3- We teach unique strategies for approaching those tough autistic challenges.

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Happy Parents said…

“During a very tough part of my life I came across the Spectrum Lane. Having that resource and the flexibility to talk to someone from made a great impact on life. Gina was amazing. She was able to reassure me that my feelings about my situation are completely reasonable. She was also able to coach me about not conforming to what society expectations. Instead, I should focus on capitalizing on son needs and not what people might think about my situation.” 



Hi there, I'm Gina and I have a child with autism.

I help parents of children with special needs rediscover their excitement for parenting so they can turn around and help their child even more than they currently think is possible.

I also help reach out to children in a unique way of play, respect and creativity that helps them learn skills in way that is unique to typical therapy.

Essesntial Oils for Autism and You