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Feel like you are losing yourself?

Hey Mom!
  • Want to go about life feeling a little less stressed?
  • Want to feel like you have time for what you want to do?
  • Feel like there is more to you than what you see in the mirror?
Have you thought about trying coaching?

What Coaching Offers

  • Ways to look at your thoughts and how they are holding you back, causing stress or moving you forward.
  • Time management, productivity and goal setting.
  • Friendly Healthy. Ways to implement health, starting today.
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Coaching Services

Health Coaching

Want to lose weight or even just feel better?

Have you tried every diet and they never work?

We take a whole person approach to this. We work on your eating, physical activity AND what you think about it all. It is that last part that is usually missing from long term healthy success.

Success Coaching

You have big goals to reach and have struggled to get there without everything getting in your way. We help you define success on your terms and then find the path to get you there. 

Confidence Coaching

Not sure of what you are doing? Not sure of how to approach things? 

The secret is: you already know. With our tools we can show you how to regain your confidence and self worth you might be letting hold you back.


Women life coach
Gina Baker life coach

About Gina Baker

I am a life coach, mom, nurse, photographer, nerd (aka informaticist) and entreprenuer.  Life coaching taught me that I was stuck because of fear of failure. It taught me to manage my mind so I could move forward despite my reservations. It taught me I can still accomplish great things, it just might look different. It taught me that a life of bold authenticity is better than a life of avoidance. Life coaching. I am a better mom for it. I am a better wife with it. And I am a better person because of it. I can't wait to show you. Join me for a FREE session?