Week 3: Not Holding Back

I love self observation. It is so useful.

Seriously life changed for me when I can look at a tough situation and ask what I can do better next time? And similarly what am I not doing.


This post is not about you can’t control others. But really you can’t control others. And when you realize that is when you can start working on yourself. As a side note if I am frustrated, I usually find I am trying to control others.

Anyway I think I mentioned last week that I wanted to create a course on something I have learned alot about. However, just because I am a book nerd, I wanted to read more about it first. Just because.

But I wasn’t reading the book I found. I was not talking to my friend who has knowledge in this course area. I was telling myself I don’t have time read the book. I never read books because this is a physical copy and not on Kindle. So the course sat.

I also had not talked to this friend in a long time. What was going on? I had reached out a couple times with no response. Did I upset her? Should I still reach out. So the course sat.

I finally realized this week, my own lesson. Break it up into size-able chunks. Sure reading an entire book can sound overwhelming when I feel like I barely have 5 minutes to myself on some days. But reading a few pages per day? I can do that.

As for my friend I don’t know the truth of why she has not reached out to me. Maybe it has something to do with me and maybe she is just busy. I called her a couple nights ago and we had an awesome chat. I didn’t need to worry.

I sat down with my husband last night. He has a project he has been sitting on for months. He seemed afraid to put things on paper. To call something a first draft. Overwhelmed by everything he thought he needed to do. We reviewed all the resources we had at our disposal. We came up with a list in the order he needs to do things.

Two big lessons I would like to add here.

The first one is not sitting down to ‘work’ on something. Sit down to produce something. Set the timer and go. Days I can do this I am SO much more effective. My husband and I talked about him writing his web copy in chunks with the timer set to 15 minutes and just get started.

The second is do what you are afraid of. I have had another project in mind for a year. But I have not really done anything solid to move towards it. I have a friend that has offered to assist me and I have not moved on it. Why? Because maybe no one will want to be involved? Maybe it is putting myself out there?

So it is time to take my own advice. I am going to have step one of my project by the time I report to you guys next week. Deal?

As a quick update on my weight goal… Not a great week. I have plateaued. This somehow makes it easier to want to cheat on those rough days. I only cheated once this week. But was reminded of my favorite life coaches recent podcast about losing weight with love. I love myself for learning from my mistakes. I love myself for my desire to move forward eating healthy so I can have the energy to take care of my family. As she said i am doing this with love or I am not doing it at all. Perhaps we should approach more in our life that way.

Talk to you next week!