Week 7: This Was About Being Sick

Okay so I might have praised the universe last week but I am not so happy with it this week. Why do I have to get sick? And all those pharmaceutical companies chasing down the next vaccination why can’t you start by solving the common cold?

Well there is a peek into my brain. And yes it was just a cold last week. One that I still have. And one that left mountains of tissues along my daily trail of activities when I just wanted to crawl into bed.

My issue… that I really need to work on when I am sick is that I fall apart. As one should I suppose but I have it in my head that I should do a bit better. I do try to get to bed earlier and my husband let me sleep probably half of Sunday. But my diet falls apart. I don’t concentrate on work. I don’t get done what I want… because somehow I should still be super human while I am sick.

If anything I think it gave me some extra contemplation time.

I have alot of goals and ambitions. Which one do I focus on. A possibly opportunity fell in my lap to complete an MBA for minimal cost. While and MBA is not my dream I have been told more than once that getting an MBA would help me advance in the organization.

But wait a minute, don’t I want out of corporate?

Yes, but it hasn’t happened. I don’t know how it is going to happen.

But I have this goal.

So do I really believe in the goal? Yes, yes I do. So I decided to not concentrate on an MBA right now.

In the mean time my goal is photography. Serious full time income from photography.

And it is easy to get frustrated with that goal. Especially when I am sick. Ii is easy to generalize that I don’t have time to work on photography. I finally got a new computer to edit photos and didn’t get to touch it for five days only to find out that I was missing an extension cord so I actually could start editing. And that took 2 more days to obtain the cord.

But in the end I think I heard someone say that if you are sick it is your body’s way of telling you that you need a break. A rest. And I guess let’s be honest. Without my body telling me that- I probably wouldn’t take it.

Anyway…. a report on goals.

Well as you guys already heard my diet fell apart this last week. One thing in addition to that is there is something close to me that really triggers me to want a sweet- NOW. Not sure how to figure that one out. I think I have solved it and then suddenly- I have not. Kind of like this week. I am so grateful to realize that the way is forward though and always look to what I can do better and remember that I don’t need to fall victim to others actions or events.

I have completed one photoshoot towards my personal project. Special thanks to this mama. She was one of the first people there after I my son was diagnosed with autism. She used to watch my son for a time. She was there with a shoulder to cry on- most often when there was no one else. And I have another scheduled this weekend and 2 for September. These are preliminary shoots and I hope to involve all of you in the project soon.

I am also taking off the first week of September to work on projects. I kind of have mixed feelings about this because I do so much in the first place it seems that whenever I take a day off- I really don’t get that much done. But I hope to prioritize some time for it.

One thing I am not getting to as much as I want is my kids. I read some time ago an article about a woman saying you can’t have it all. As much as I try to live by I can do anything I want to I kind of agree. I always feel that I am short changing someone or something. But I have learned to be more gentle with myself about it. And also take special moments when I can. Yesterday I took the day off to give my daughter a special day before she goes back to school. I love watching her grow up, the person she is becoming and then bittersweet because I wish we could play in that moment forever.

In contrast to that I also agree with the saying that it is beneficial for a child to see their parents, mother included achieve and reach for dreams. I purposely have shown my children failures and picking myself up after them. Why not do it on a life scale? And plus the photo opportunities give me so much life, literally.

And speaking of photo opportunities I can’t completely complain about not having time. I have been given the gift this month to share my talents with a small community of people with my friend Katie Jo at her drum circles. While I am enjoying studio photography and everything I have learned I will never stop loving catching people raw and in the moment.


Anyway…. onward and upward with goals. I feel that I need to start setting a few small manageable goals for myself to get to my bigger goal of $500K in my fifth year. I have made a goal for the month of September to have a full photo session and sell the equivalent of my middle package. I know most photo studios this is not a big deal, but I need to start somewhere. I then anticipate my October goal being set based on what I accomplish in September. I am hoping it will be for sales equivalent to 2 of my middle packages.

As always, I will let you guys know how it goes!

Reaching for the stars, Gina