Week 14: Doing What I Fear Most

They say to do what you are most fearful of first.

I get it. It makes sense. Often that thing you are scared of is likely the thing that is holding you back.

But sitting here I don’t feel scared of anything.

No one is trying to hurt me. My kids are fine. I have a job and a few clients lined up for photos. I am not scared of anything. Right?

Wrong. So wrong.

I got an idea to put out an project for moms that have kids with autism over a year ago. I had talked to some friends about it and even recruited some of those close to me. But I had not moved towards anything on it. Why?

I have at least three campaigns I have developed for my photography but had not yet posted them and started paying for ads. Why?

Why do I get halfway through execution and stop?

Well just briefly. The Autism Project is something that is pretty close to my heart. I had a really rough time in the beginning of my autism journey with my son. So putting myself out there was huge. Would moms want to participate? Would I be judged for such a project?

With my photo campaigns it could be a couple of things. The next step is to put together the media and then do Facebook ads. I have failed at Facebook ads many times before- and that costs money. And although my photo skills have improved- I am still no Annie Leibovitz. What is no one likes my photo’s? One thing that has really helped me over the past few years is to hear from some other top photographers admit that they still get nervous before a shoot. And they still make posing mistakes. And it is all about the journey of learning.

So anyway I have put out my autism mom campaign. If you, or anyone you know may be interested in joining you can find out more and sign up here.

Other than that at the suggestion of a friend I have started using my project management software (Trello) to keep organized of all my projects. The next trick has been to do what I am afraid of, that next thing on the list- despite what I feel.

I have a friend once that said ‘no one become a millionaire because they feel like it’. Truth bomb. How many days do I not feel like sending out that email? Or putting myself in front of my audience? Or calling that friend. A previous life coach liked to talk about how much more manageable life is when you stop expecting it to be 100% was or good. I feel like there are many times when I fight the bad. Rather than if I just expected it- maybe it would not be such a big bump in the road.

Anyway… on to doing hard things. Did I mention I wrote this blog post to avoid something I should work on? ;)