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From Life Against Autism to Life With Autism

My child was diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder.spectrumlane.com

In an effort to make autism go away I gave it my all.

It didn't work. I wanted to end it.

I decided to figure it out. This is how.


I'm gonna conquer autism...

I may not have admitted it to anyone. But I went into autism thinking we could beat it.

Work hard. My persistence and work ethic would pay off.

Hours of therapy + Little sleep + Ignoring myself = One stressed out mama and very little progress

It nearly broke me. I wanted to give up.

I Learned Happiness with What Is

My son has autism. It is who he is and I am not interested in changing that.

I remain interested in my original parenting goal of helping him live the best life possible.

Autism is here to stay and I can still enjoy my son.

We can still have the family life we want, with autism. 



I Learned Taking Care of Me is Totally Allowed

I waited two years to try mindfulness after it was first recommended to me by a friend.

I am absolutely a better mom after I take a break.

I look forward to time with my kiddos after taking a break.

After taking breaks I am so much more relaxed that I discover new insights and options to help my son.

You don't need permission to take a break. Do it.

Are you ready to recharge your life with autism?

It's actually not autism that is the struggle. It's us.

You can still achieve your goals, they just might look different than you imagined.

Or the path to get there might have several bumps in the road.

And several unexpected turns.

Sign up for a strategy session and lets plan your path today.

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